has anyone who owns ayon cd1 tried different tubes

i own an ayon cd1. has anybody tried nos tubes in them? if so how were the results and what type did you use thanks tony
I am very skeptical about "tweaks" but i upgraded because someone i trust recommended it. I upgraded the 6H30 tubes to REFLEKTOR 6H30 dr tubes and i was extremely taken. The soundstage opened, more detail, and i could here instruments more distinctly yet they seemed more connected. This was one of the biggest upgrades in sound i have ever heard. Your investment will be smaller ,I had to buy four because i have the cd-3 so you will undoubtedly get a similar improvement for less. Do it!
Porters I will order them and let you know how I like them. how do you like the cd3 thanks Yony
I love the cd-3, best cd player i have ever had including Cary, Gamut, emm labs, DCS.I am also crazy about the Modwright 36.5 preamp and emerald physics speakers!
PS I also upgraded the 6H30s in the modwright with 6H30 drs.
porters thanks i am ordering the nos tubes tomorrow will let you know how i like them hope i am as happy with mine as you are with yours thanks for the help tony
Porters installed the 6h30 dr tubes very happy with them thanks for the help tony