Has anyone used the VPI SDS with a PS Audio P-600?

I am buying a PS Audio P-600 Power Plant w/ Multiwave II and I was wondering if I could safely plug my VPI SDS into it. Does anyone out there have any experience with this setup? If so, any caveats?

Also, has anyone used the PS Audio Ultimate Outlets with the P-600? I was thinking of plugging a high-current UO into the AC mains (dedicated 20 Amp service) and then plugging the P-600 into the UO. I was then going to plug a second UO into one of the power ports on the P-600 to isolate the digital gear. Any thoughts on that setup? Any other suggestions appreciated.

Please see this link for my associated equipment:

Thanks for any feedback and regards to all!!

It is my understanding that you can plug the SDS into the P600 but only at 60hz and not with the Multiwave settings. I have my VPI SDS plugged into the wall and use the P600 for my other equipment.
I have had my SDS plugged into a P300 with a multiwave setting for a year now with no ill effects at all.