Has anyone used the Spin Clean Record Washer System

Noticed this advertised. Seems worth it for $59.

I am using one right now and it does a great job cleaning records. I like it mostly because it allow me to interact with (read "baby") my records more so than a auto-cleaner. I will say though I think it's only a temporary solution until you are willing or able to get a vacuum record cleaner. When I stop being stingy and buy myself a VPI 16.5 I will still use the Spin Clean, for scrubbing. It's worth every bit of $59--go buy one!

Vinyl is music

Got the deluxe still in the box, unused. Went with the record doctor. However, for most records, I use a UK product called vinyl revival. To me, it does the job for records that are not caked in filth. Just an added note, short of buying a ultrasonic cleaner, the record doctor is the best bang for your buck. It does the exact same job as the many other vacuum machines, except you need to turn the record. There is otherwise zero difference, a vacuum is a vacuum...they all suck! 😁

Another similar item to the spin clean is the disco antistat. It has a better brush system. 
There are a bunch of them now. Look at Amazon. I have a spin clean I use on records other people bring to play. It works OK but, audioguy85 is right the Disco Antistat has better brushes and comes with a drying rack. I had to make one for the Spin Clean. The other problem with these is that if you use anything but distilled water in them you have to rinse the record off with distilled water so, you either buy another one or spray both sides of the record while holding it over a sink, a messy affair. Vacuuming does not get everything off the record. Some chemical will adhere to the vinyl like wax to a painted surface. You have to dilute it by rinsing it off with a clean solvent, in this case water. In the case of wax brake cleaning fluid will do. Talking about brake cleaning fluid, for fun I washed 5 records off by spraying them hard with brake cleaning CFC brake cleaning fluid. They came out with a spit shine, absolutely no damage to the labels and all five records are doing just fine. They are showing no signs of wear under a microscope but neither would a normal record at this point so all I can say is the CFC did no damage. I can not say that records will last longer. That will take at least 25 plays. I have five other records from the same company (Analog Productions) that are untreated serving as controls.

I have a theory on how the record preservative "Last" might work. Last is nothing but a CFC solvent. CFC's are a very strong non-polar solvent that will quickly remove any lipid (oil) substance such as the plasticizers added to PVC. They are added to soften the PVC so that when heated it molds better leaving fewer voids. It is less effective when cold but it still softens the vinyl. The CFC solvent will remove what is present on the surface hardening the surface making it less susceptible to deformation. I can think of not other reason why Last would work but it is crazy expensive. For the price of a little bottle of Last you can get 18 high pressure cans of Brake cleaner. But, stay away from non CFC brake cleaners!!!! They might not be safe. I did not test those. Clean your records and preserve them at the same time for pennies on the dollar. Just do it outside and wear long rubber gloves.

Now people who have ZERO experience in chemistry are going to wail about how silly this idea is, stupid a thing it is to even try and it will eat your records to death. These same people spent hundreds of dollars on record cleaning junk and preserve their records with "Last" the same stuff! I'm laughing myself to tears.
Yes, for many years. I have a VPI 16.5 now, but the spin clean served me well for many years. Distilled water is a key.