Has anyone used the Rega Ania with a Phono Box S2?

The Ania has a pretty anemic output, and I worry about the Phono Box being able to handle it well.

Asking for a friend (no, really), who's looking at a planar 6, but I'm not sure if the Ania is the right choice for his phono stage.
Just look at the numbers. It puts out .35 mV.
The S2 goes to 63 dB gain.
Match made in heaven.
It does have enough gain, but sometimes budget phono preamps don't do well with low output cartridges - noise floor too high, too much distortion for such a small signal, etc.
I've listened to an Ania on a similarly priced NAD PP-2.  Noise floor equal to my NAK CA-7A pre but lacked the depth of presentation that the NAK has; but I would classify it as very good.

Ania was on a new Planar 3, nice sounding combination but I didn't like it as much as my current Heybrook TT2/LVX/OC-9ML.

Sold it.