Has anyone used the Primaluna Dialogue integrated as a Preamp only?

If so, what are your thoughts?  I am very satisfied with this amp overall but was curious just in case I wanted to substitute another amp to change things up how good is the preamp section alone? Do you think it would sound to sterile or dry to use another amp whether it be tubed or SS? 
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Is that a Premium model picture which I forgot to mention lol? If so, don't I feel like a complete &^%$##@ for not checking myself.  Someone told me a long time ago to never "assume" so that is what I did haha. 
The only Special Edition I know of is the HP version of the Dialogue Premium. 

Has anyone used an external preamp with the PL? 
I thought it was a goof but I played it safe  :)

Point taken and I appreciate your input :)  I was originally wanting to try a ss amp to mix things up and have a little fun. But since i don't have that Special Edition I guess my idea is out the door. Like you said, the WALLET is happier.