has anyone used the new apple tv unit

i am using all emotiva electronics and a v-dac with magnepans and morrow audio cables. a cable out on my mac ibook g4 is about 60 bucks and the apple tv is 99.
Yes, sir....and it's a wonderful device. Sounds great and is super easy to setup and use. If you are an iTunes user and don't need 24/96 compatibility, I highly recommend it. There are some other AG threads about the new ATV that you should search for to get a better perspective.
Can someone explain how the ATV works? Do you attach it to a HD? Do you need a monitor for it? Thanks, Peter
@Peter: It requires a HDMI display to setup, and is more functional with a display when using it. If you just want audio streaming from iTunes, the AirPort Express is the best choice. When used with the Apple iOS Remote app, it allows you to control and access your iTunes libraries.
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I don't really get it. You need to hook the ATV up to a computer. Most folks hook the ATV up to an external DAC for best quality sound. If you have an apple computer with optical out, why not just hook that up to a high quality external DAC? I guess otherwise it may be worth it - does tha ATV serve as a USB, LAN or wireless converter from your computer to a DAC? Or is the appeal that you get to use it for video too, so you are controlling your whole entertainment experience? How does it interface with a PC rather than a Mac?
You can wirelessly stream vid and audio from your confuser to your TV/HT/stereo. I do so in 'client' mode which means I don't even need a wireless network to do so.
Downside? Well, it IS only 720p. That isn't too bad, after you consider that all the HD feeds from cable and small dish are 'stepped on' and really just a tick better than a good upsampled DVD. Maybe you get a better feed from the internet?
Other downside? Well, the clocking is probably no better than the AirportExpress which means some DACs will periodically lose lock and make some real awful noises.

The AppleTV is for streaming content from your PC to your audio system. You would connect the AppleTV to your CAT pre-amp. Then, any content that you have, in Itunes, on your PC can be streamed wirelessly over WiFi to the AppleTV. Of course, this assumes that you have a wireless router in your home. It can also be hard wired to your router using Cat5 cable. Your computer has to be on when streaming content from iTunes. The AppleTV has no dedicated analog audio output so you either have to get a special cable, that breaks the audio out of the HDMI cable, or run it into a DAC via a toslink cable. Apple omitted the amalog outputs because most people will either hook it up to a digital input on an A/V receiver or run it into a DAC.

There are many different devices that allow streaming of audio and video. The advantage of the AppleTV is it ties in nice with itunes and also allows streaming/purchasing of movies from itunes. The downside is that the video content is limited to 720P.

I myself use a highly modified Squeezebox to stream music from a dedicated music server. A music or media server is a dedicated computer that does nothing but send content to your media streaming device whether it be an AppleTV, Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos or some other manufactures device.

Hope this helps.