has anyone used the linn movie classik?

linn movie classik with the dedicated speakers and sub..or what speakers did you use with it and how do you like the classik?
Listened to and viewed for over an hour the Linn Movie Classik. Excellent picture quality and very musical in stereo all through B&W speaks. An excellent piece overall. I settled on the NAD L-70 because of respectable performance and $1,000 price tag. If you have the bucks it is a great machine with very high WAF if that's a factor. Musically superior to the NAD.
Just bought one. I'm using it with the Classik Speaker System (5 Unik speakers + Afekt subwoofer) but with the 2 fronts replaced with Linn Kans (for music listening).

The sound quality is excellent, the CD/DVD player very fully featured (even plays MP3 CDs). The tuner is very sensitive and filters out the rubbish, well worth installing a decent aerial if you don't have one. Just about everything can be adjusted, either via on-screen menus, or via the front panel display.

With the Kans, the CD player really shows its class - crisp, clear, well-defined soundstage, with a surprisingly punchy bass.

Last night I watched 'The sum of All Fears', and the sound effects and picture quality blew my socks off. There's a nuclear blast half way through where my walls and floor shook - that was the subwoofer - but I could still hear the high-pitched wind effects clearly... my hair stood on end, fantastic. I spent the rest of the film giggling from the shock. I hope the neighbors weren't scared!

The only negatives? an over complicated remote control (but I'll be using a Pronto anyway), and an audible fan that cuts in occasionally - so think I'll put it behind the glass doors in my TV cabinet.