Has anyone used the Auraic G1 with the original Auralic Vega DAC?

Has anyone used an Auralic Aries G1 with the original Auralic Vega DAC.? If so what is your opinion Of the sound?  I am currently using a MacBook Pro with Pure Music 3 and was wondering if buying the Aries G1 would be a worthwhile upgrade given the cost.

Not exactly what you are asking but I did see someone discuss (on the Auralic community board) using the Aries G1 streamer with the Vega G1 streaming DAC in order to get a more robust streamer (the Vega G1 streaming is pretty basic, the DAC being it’s strength). Here is what he said:

very pleased with g1 streamer into g1 dac .instant upgrade with pre set ,set on smooth it very analogue .at last ive reach the end of the road now,all who listen say so too. digital glare has gone. I SOLD MINI AND UPGRADE PSU at a great price so upgrade costs was reduced . one surprising fact that I used AES XLR that also made an improvement . no buffering and has worked perfect.