Has anyone used Supra AC connectors ???

I am experimenting with AC connectors at present. I have a fairly neutral AC cord which is showing up huge differences between various connectors. Have already tried out some Oyaides and Furus. They are all nice but I was also looking at the Supra connectors. I could not read about their signature tonality anywhere. Any ideas ?
If you mean the ones made in Sweden- I have used the female IEC plug. I cant really comment on the sonics but I felt let down by the build quality given the price.

As an aside I dont understand why IEC connectors are so expensive. I can get very nice Leviton AC plugs for $8 or so. I havent found any decent IEC plug for less than $20.

I replaced my Cardas PC's with the Supra cables. They are excellent, especially when it costs about $60 to assenmble one.
Which Cardas did you have ? What was the sonic difference between Cardas and Supra ?
Golden Reference. The Supras were smoother, more transparent with better pacing of music. The Cardas was a bit colored in the bass, whereas I found that the music just sounded right with the Supra. My thinking was that I had little to lose in trying the inexpensive Supra. After about a month, I sold the Cardas. BTW, Mhedges is right about the plugs appearing to be cheap, but I have to say they work well. I think it's not the connectors, but the cord that makes the difference.
Did you try any other connectors on that cord ?
No, I think the connectors are specifaclly made for their power cords.
Oyaide are "nice"? They are the best that money can buy. Their line offers a lot of choice. Supra are five-and-dime for both build quality and sonic quality. They have one "model" -- if you want to call it that. No comparison whatsoever with Oyaide. If you are in the market for Supra you can save yourself the time, money and effort by going to the corner electric store.
I used a couple of Wattgate plugs on my Supra power cord. The Supra is a very good power cord, even though Sabai might not think so....:0)
I have 2 Supra 2.5 power cables that have the Supra connectors. They are no better than standard entry level connectors, avoid them. The IEC sits a bit loose on every socket I have plugged them into.

The Supra cable is good for your computer. I really notice a difference in ambient RF, the buzzing feel you get from a PC tower. With the Supra this goes away entirely, where as the Furutech cable I had as a comparison ($90 per metre in bulk) did not remove this RF.

Why am I talking about computers and not audio??? Because for amy udio system I preferred other cables rather than the Supra. Perhaps the Supra Lorad is great for its price range, but for me it does not compete with $200-$300 power cables.
Agisthos, you hit the nail on the head. Supra is a low-priced cable and one can expect appropriate sonic attributes. Their plug/IEC connectors are an embarrassment. They belong in the 5-and-dime store.
Sabai, i notice that you never miss an opportunity to try and slam the Supra line, Why is that??

You always state your OPINION as a matter of fact that applies to all of us. You Sir, need to get a clue!

BTW, I have no affiliation with the Supra Co., simply owning their Lorad 2.5 power cord, which in my system surpassed a Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha, IF that says anything!!
Have you seen and used the Supra plug and IEC? Have you seen and used Oyaide plugs and IEC's -- any Oyaide version? If so, you might change your opinion. I cannot imagine anyone A/B-ing the Supra against the Oyaide saying the Supra sounded better. Can there be any doubt that some products are truly inferior -- and that stating this is OK -- and really and truly clued-in?

LoRad is a low-priced cord and one can expect appropriate sonic results when compared with high-end Synergistic Research, Bybee Ultra or ASI Liveline. The HiDiamond is also supposed to be excellent but I have not tested it. Can Supra LoRad possibly compare with SR, Bybee or ASI? Not in my experience. Perhaps in "special" systems. But certainly not in really high end systems. LoRad will "dumb-down" a high end system and this will be evident if they are A/B-ed with the aforementioned cables.

Other inferior cables will also "dumb-down" high end systems. This applies to all inferior cables. The system will be brought down to the weakest link in the sonic chain. I know what my system sounded like with LoRads and I know what it sounds like with the aforementioned power cords. No comparison. It is hard to imagine that other high end systems would not respond in a similar way.

Some people just don't like strong opinions. I have no problem with that. It does not mean I don't have the right to my strong opinions. Or that there is something wrong with having strong opinions. Better than having wishy-washy opinions. IMHO. Check out Musicxyz's recent posts. He does not mince his words. Why should he? To please those who cannot bear hearing strong opinions without an IMHO after them. It is a shame everything has to be politically correct these days. I remember when there was no such thing as politically correct.
Sabai, you say" It does not mean I don't have the right to my strong opinions"....I totally agree with you, BUT JUST so that you realize that they are your opinions and NOT necessarily everyone else's.
I agree with the posters who say that the Supra plugs are not quality plugs, I wasn't talking about the Supra plugs, which IF you read my prior post you would have seen that I did NOT use these, instead opting for Wattgate's. These plugs are FAR superior to the Supra's.
BTW, are you still wiring up everything in your system in serial??
I have to wonder why you do that....
Oh, you don't have to concern yourself about being politically correct...:0(
I wire in series and in parallel. I am using Bybee, ASI Liveline and Synergistic Research and one Cardas. I have not found a single company that does better than series and parallel. There is something in the synergy that just works -- and I am not talking about a subtle difference. There is no explaining this except what the ears say. I tested my hearing recently and it is excellent -- above the norm for my age. Maybe one day I will find a single wire that works as well as or better than wires in series and parallel. I have an open mind about this.
What's best for you isn't necessarily right for everybody else.

Failure to understand this is a very common rookie mistake and you've made it time after time in this and other threads.

With more experience you'll understand.
I found Furutech bulk AC cable with wattgate connectors, and Signal Cable entry level, to be better than the Supra Lorad 2.5 on my Source, DAC and amplifier.

But the Supra was wired with its stock el cheapo connectors. I am open to the possiblity that with good connectors the Supra could come out on top, but it would have to be a large jump, larger than most connector changes usually give.

But what the Supra does to my PC box is amazing, far far better than the Furutech. It just goes to show how different power cable designs are effecting different parts of the AC range, and there is no single cable solution for every application.
I agree that the Supra AC connectors are at least awkward and not very good from an engineering design standpoint.

However I have used the Lorad 2.5 and 3.5 in a fairly resolving system with Furutech connectors (silver plated IECs and copper wall ends).

I've used them in my Theta CarmenII transport and my Oppo 93 player. I cannot comment exactly on their musicality for a preamp or DAC, but their ability to flex made the installation behind my equipment rack ideal. I believe as a shielded power cable is a very nice design and absolutely great for digital sources, and can be used for sure as a starting point until something better comes along. However the connectors are really not good and infact difficult to terminate. I did not notice anything negative using them in my transport and infact I could detect the quietness in the background when playing stereo.

I also used a 15 m Lorad PC going to my Optoma projector from an HDMI switcher. During installation I chose the shielded Lorad due to its price mainly, but also because I had to run it right next to my equally long Wireworld HDMI inside a conduit. Typically this proximity is a no-go for long HDMI cables, but Lorad worked wonderfully and there is no interaction whatsoever even though they are almost touching each other.

Other cables I've tried Neotech 3001 (Theta Pre),3003 (W4S DAC in a different system) and MAC-HC (power amp).
Bought 3 Supra 2.5 LoRad power cables for my Conrad J. Was trying to save some money over the expensive cables. They cost me around $80-$90 each. My local audio expert got me a Straightwire Blue Thunder $180 each but the detail was well worth double the price. I"ll be selling the Supras.......bTw - agree about their cheap ass plastic plugs....I've had the wires pull out of the plugs 3 times. Don't waste your money, buy a top name cable like Straightwire or Tara.....Tara Prism is also great......much more bloom & definition. Happy now!