Has anyone used Parasound JC1 with Dali Megaline s

My current system is the Megaline speakers with a SimAudio Titan HT200 amp and a Audio Aero cd player .But wasthinking about the JC1's ,I've heard good things about them.
Yes, one of my clients uses two pairs of JC 1s with his Megalines to good effect.
Have heard the JC-1s on several systems including Sounlab Majestics,Nola Grand Vipers & several Usher models/
Bass is deep & well controled with good decay but not world class & where as the mids & highs are far from harse, they just don't have the inner detail or liquidity as a good tube amp{duh}. I liked the Sounlabs best with Wolcott's & as the Megaline is so efficent I would assume they would match nicely. My 2 cents