Has anyone used Mikrosmooth CD polish?

I am curious about your experiences with CD "polishes". Mapleshade claims, that if applied correctly, Mikrosmooth will smooth out the surface of digital discs rendering them easier to read and improving both audio and video resolution depending on what media they are used with.

What d'ya think?
Been using it for the past 3 years with great success. I've found it works best with the Optrix spray. For the money, works for me. Increased dynamics top to bottom. Don't know much about the "science of it" but do your own listening test. Haven't had any negative effects to any of my CD's over the years.
I use Mikrosmooth as well as the Optrix spray on all my CD's with great results. I was surprised at just how effective the products work. In my experience, I found the overall clarity and punch of the music was immediately noticeable.
The mikrosmooth works well. Don't expect earth shattering increase in sound, but it is good to get scuffs and slight scratches out.
I have used it on rare occasions if a CD has a scratch or skips. Seems to work if the scratches aren't too deep.
Thanks for your responses. The theory behind the effectiveness of Microsmooth intrigues me. I can believe that the surface of CDs have micro imperfections that can be smoothed out with this polish enabling the CD laser to read the pits and valleys more readily.

The less error correction the better!
how does it smooth out 'just' the imperfections, without altering the rest of the finish?
As I understand it, Mikrosmooth is "smoothing down" micro particles of the CD surface that stand above the rest of the disc surface, thereby creating a consistent topography for the laser to read.

The laser doesn't have to navigate over and around the surface peaks thus requiring less error correction to read the disc.
Yes! Skipping CD's are gone, some CD's sound totally different. I polish every CD before playing. I have done a number of "before" and "after" comparisons - even my wife says she can hear the difference.