Has anyone used emm labs dcc2/cdsd with a sub?


I was wondering if anyone has used for music listening applications their emm labs dcc2/cdsd with a powered subwoofer like the revel sub 30 or other powered subs.

Was any of the great transparency or other qualities of the emm labs gear diminish by introducing a sub? Or has anyone found that a high quality powered sub added to the music listening experience.

I have been unsuccesful so far. Before the dcc2/cdsd combo, I was spoilt with the flexibility of the Theta Casablanca capabolity to do the Xover in the digital domain. Now I only use the sub(Whise-Aussie made as TJN from S/phile said it came closest to the M.Logan Statement subs) in Home Theatre situations with the Casablanca feeding the dcc2 for the L/R front channels. Acceptable for HT situations.
But if you have a sub, that mates well with your fronts because it has a lot of flexibility to avoid room nodes and match the quickness of your mid+ high then the experience is more fullfiling. At the moment I don't miss it so much as I have changed to Duo's from the smaller volume sounding outputs of the M.Logan ReQuests.
Hope that helps you.