Has anyone used cerafine caps for amp power supply

I was told by Chris at parts connecXion that they are 90/95% of what blackgates are sonically 10,000uf/80vdc $35.00 each compared to $150.00 each
I think before blk gates were discontinued they were 80-85%
but due to bg being unavailable the % is creeping up! Seriously I put cerafines in my dynaco mkIIIs & the noise
flr dropped dramatically and probably distortion was reduced
perhaps they lack only a kind of liquid blackness in the silences that poetically speaking bg's might add. In short
they are very good.
$35 for a single Elytic cap seems like a hell of a lot, to me. If you are using it just to create DC (which seems logical based on that size) you don't need one with that high voltage rating, 16v would probably be fine (depends on application), save some $. In that position it's not going to affect sonics. They are nice caps, but even still overpriced. (check other vendors too, parts connexion is not the cheapest out there)