Has anyone used Benz cartridge demagnetizer

If so do you feel it really made a difference for the better.
I use an old Fluxbuster on my Benz Ebony LP...it does make a difference. My arm/cartridge is wired for balanced operation, so I have an XLR/RCA wire that I got from a Guitar Store which works fine. There is an issue with the Fluxbuster in that if you turn it off plugged in, it may partially re-magnetize the cartridge. I simply disconnect it from the cartridge before I turn it off. Works great.
A flux buster is a must when using MC cartridges, however there is another way that works just as well. Put a used Lp on the turntable with it turning and lower the tone arm. Then set the selector switch to a line stage your not using or if using make sure that component is off. Then remove the rca jacks from turntable to the preamp take the positive center plug and ground it to the other outer barrell of the RCA jack and hold it there for 45 seconds, repeat the process for the other RCA jack. reinstall the turntable jacks to the preamp and your done. Have used this for many years now and works like a champ. There is a video of this process on You Tube.
Stingreen, Benz is not using iron core but ruby plate for
the coils. What are you demagnetising?

Something's happening... Perhaps the connecting cable is being demagnetized??

Thanks!!! I just demagged using your very free method. Saved me $250!

Listening to vinyl as I write this. Boy, did I need that!
That is the old school way of demagging MC, before we had the flux busters of today. Works just as well plus you don't need to spend hundreds on another device. Happy to hear it worked out for you. Pass it along to other MC users.

Thanks for the info and You Tube post. I tried it and it worked great. Thanks Again.