Has anyone used B&W N.802 on Sound Anchor stands?

I have a pair of speakers on stands, but they are not level. Both front and rear bars of the stands are level before I placed the speakers on the stands. They tilt back about 1/4", because the front ball casters of the speakers are only go in partially, not all the way in the holes of the stand. The rear of the speakers sit flat with the rear bar of the stand. I wonder if they are supposed to be this way. I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks.
The tilt is intensional. I believe it helps time alignment of the drivers.

I agree with the unstable placement of the heavy speaker on the stand...especially for me who lives in Seattle with a possibility of ground shaking now and then. I am afraid they will fall if it happens again.

For me, I like the speakers on the sounds. Having the tweeters pointing not directly at my ears, it softens the sound a bit but ultimately, try it yourself and "see."
Last summer, I purchased a pair of Sound Anchors stands for my new N804s. When I spoke to the guy on the phone, he mentioned that B&W had made slight changes in location of the holes in the speaker bottom and that I might have some trouble fitting them. If I did, there was some "fix" for the problem. Fortunately, everything fit fine. I'm not certain whether this applied only to the N804s or across the entire Nautilus line. Perhaps this is part of the problem since the speaker is supposed to sit flat/flush on the stand. Call the company and explain the situation.
Thanks for the input. I emailed Sound Anchor. Bob said that the tilt was intensional and he said if I want the speakers level I can either raise the spike on the rear of the stands, or use some shims to raise the rear speakers.