Has anyone used any of the Escient music servers.

I was wondering if anyone has any experiance with the Escient music servers. Or for that matter the Cambridge Audio old 640H?

I need something that my wife would be able to touch a button on the remote and pull music on the tv then select the songs she wants to hear. She is not all that interested in the sound quality. But if I do this I would like at least CD quality audio.

I know the CA 640H has Wolfson DACs, but I am unable to find any data on the Escients DACs
You would probably best served with a Mac Mini or Apple TV and burn your collection to iTunes. I have not gone this route so I can't speak from experience but worth investigating.
I have used the SE-80 for over 2 years. It is easy to use, downloads cover art from the internet automatically, and has internet radio if wanted. It is a current model and details are available on the Escient website. I am replacing it with an Escient MX-311 that will control my Sony DVD changer and have the hard disk space for CDs. I believe these units will achieve what you want to do. My wife loves the "highlight & play".