Has anyone used an Input splitter?

I am thinking about buying a pre-amp that only has 3 inputs. I have a low cost tuner and dvd player also that I want to add along with cd and a turntable.

I was thinking of using an input splitter, such as those made by QED. Are they any good? Will Inotice much deterioration in the sound (which from the tuner/dvd is not great quality)?
Not to ignore your question ... just some quick questions first. Does the preamp that you are considering have a separate phono input or are all three inputs line level inputs? If the preamp does not have a separate phono input ... does your turntable have its own built in step-up device? On a preamp, the turntable input is not the same as a line level input ... so you will still need an outboard ... just a different type.

Regards, Rich
Sima makes a good one that has automatic switching for video sources and remote control. It has 4 inputs and two sets of outputs. It even has a couple of digital ins and outs.

Radio Shack has one - you could try it and bring it back if it doesn't work out.
Radio Shack does have a really nice switch box. The slightly more expensive one even has a remote. It you want something more sophisticated, try