Has Anyone Used a "Spin-Clean" Unit Before?

I recently decided to get into vinyl and picked up a Music Hall MMF-5.1 (which I am enjoying very much). I also bought a Spin-Clean to clean all my LPs (most of them are old and used and do require cleaning). I've been cleaning albums with this unit and have noticed a definite improvement in sound, but I'm wondering how well this thing actually cleans the LPs. It has two "brushes" (more like pads) pressed together inside a tank of cleaning solution with rollers on the sides. You manually turn the album and the pads press against both sides of the LP while inside the solution, thereby removing dirt etc. I wonder how these pads actually do when compared to actual scrubbing brushes. Perhaps this Spin-Clean would be good to use after a good manual scrub of the LP, to kinda wipe off any loosed dirt. Has anyone used this before? Also, what kind of brush/solution would you recommend for the manual scrubbing?

Here's a link to the Spin-Clean:

I used the Disc Doctor manual brushes (which I recommend) and a Spin Clean to rinse the LP's after cleaning. I had good results with this combination, but moved to a motorized machine for convenience.
That's a pretty good idea. That's actually what I was thinking would be the perfect method. The Spin Clean seems to work OK on its own, but it's hard to imagine that those pads get really deep into the grooves.