Has anyone used a pair BAT VK-55 as mono blocs

I'm curious if anyone has heard these in mono bloc configuration. My speakers are full range and 4ohm load so I'd like to have enough power. I'm not a bass freak but I like slam and dynamics of solid state but also like the tube sound.

BAT sells a kit to convert a standard vk-55 to mono bloc.
Hi, I did this with a VK75SE, so got a second and ran as 150SE's. It's not just power, they sounded better. Better extension, better soundstage, much more quiet. Plus the power can always help. If more tubes and the heat don't bother you, and you like the amp, it's a good path.
I have a pair of VK 55 monoblocks. I am driving a pair of Soundlab A3's. The 55's have been more than capable. I don't know what speakers you are trying to drive so I would suggest you call BAT and talk to Victor.
I'm planning to drive SF Cremonas. If your driving Soundlabs, then it shouldn't be a problem at all to drive the Cremonas. These speakers are not power hungry but open up with more power.

Currently using a Pass Labs 250.5. I like the sound alot but miss the sound of tubes.

Your gonna love the 55's especially in mono. I had a 55 on loan for about 3 months and absolutely loved it. This was a stereo 55 and not mono.
Very nice system!

I've been waiting to post my system until I'm making changes...seems like that will never happen.
I had 75SE driving Cremona before (as well as Amati Homage and others), 75SE was sufficient as long as you don't listen insanely loud. I took the plunge and upgraded to 150SE, changed the caps, internal hook up wires, and wall outlet. even driving very demanding loads, 150SE sounded tight and fast, a huge improvement over 75SE. midrange and up are of course to die for.

You don't need the "conversion kit" from BAT if you are comfortable with solder iron.