Has anyone used A Bluesound Node 2i with an Innuos Zenith XXL MKii????

Well, I'm about at my wit's end. Maybe it's because I am an old fart, but I can not figure out how to use an Innuos Zenith XXL MKii with a Bluesound Node 2i.
Using the Node 2i as a wireless streamer hooked to an auxillary DAC us a no brainer, but shouldn't I be able to integrate the Innuous into the system?
None of the Innuos platforms will recognize the Innous. Not my.Innuos or Zenith.local
Help, Please.

Thank you.
I don't think the Innuos should integrate into the Bluesound, it should replace it. 
Have you spoken to Innuos? They seem to be pretty helpful. That Peng app is a bear but they will soon have their own app. Good Luck.

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Get rid of the Bluesound and stream through the Innuos. With my.innuos.com it‘s very straightforward to set up. You need to connect the Innuos to your router via ethernet.