Has anyone used a Blue Circe BC206 with Kharma ?

I noticed in the thread below regarding suggestions for a tube amp (other than Tenor or Lamm) for Kharma speakers, someone suggested the Blue Circle Audio BC206 hybrid amp based on the new Oct 15 review on ultraaudio.com by Jeff Fritz. It didn't sound like they actually owned the amp.

I am wondering has anyone actually used this hybrid amp with any of the Kharma speakers and if so, could they describe their experience. As well, can anyone comment on comparisons the BC206 hybrid + Kharma to either the Tenor or Lamm hybrids used with Kharma ?
FWIW, I've got the BC206, so if anyone in the NY/NJ area has the Kharmas and is interested in seeing what happens when they are put together, please give me a shout...

(disclaimer: I am a Blue Circle dealer). Also FWIW, I have a customer who will be pairing a BC206 with JM Labs Be Alto Utopias...

The best sound I have ever had with my Kharma 1.0's is the Agopy 2A3 amp. I was told that this amp would not work because it did not have enough power.

I can drive my Karman's to 95 db levels with ease. Best sound by far than anything else I have tried.

TRIED, Tenor, Manley, VTL, ARC.

Purchased AGOPY from Philfreak, great dealer to work with.