Has Anyone Used 6AWG Wire For Speaker Cable?

I see Bound For Sound is using it in the Big Rig. I am using it and think it works great. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with it good or bad?
I had tried and used a set of DIY cables made from home depot 6 gauge wire, high voltage multi-strands of differing sizes of solid core copper kind of helically wound. This stuff actually works and has a good if distinctive sound. I used it bi-wire, 4 wires going to each speaker with good results. Very resolving, fast, clear. It's just that they were such a terrible 'pain' to work with, VERY stiff, that unless you are going to use them in a perminent installation and rarely if ever move them, you are going to have to deal with the unwieldy-ness of them. Since I am constantly un-hooking and hooking up different speakers, I retired them and now use Cardas Golden Cross which I like better but oh what an increase in cost!
I have built DIY 5 AWG (2, 8s) for subs. I would not recommend for full range, kinda harsh. A good 12 gauge wire is plenty for 6-10 foot runs. JMO
Here is the system boundforsound.com is using the wire in, if 6AWG is overkill why aren't they using smaller guage wire. Can this wire compete with expensive stuff? I read in another post that when biwiring the high and low runs should be seperated? Will biwiring always sound better if done correctly?

What's in the BIG RIG? (June 20, 2005)

The components listed herein are not so designated because they are, or are not, the basis for a Bound for Sound reference system. Nothing so profound or meaningful is intended. Instead, the products listed below are those that happen (by design or serendipity) to be in the Big Rig on the date above - it could change the next day (and sometime it does).

What this page does is let you see what's being auditioned at a given point in time, and therefore know what components are likely to be reviewed in upcoming issues. And as for reference pieces, the more times you see it here, the more likely yours truly feels it to be of special merit.

Equipment rack: Arcici Suspence Rack and two Michael Green Clamp Racks.

Isolation bases: Osiris amp stands

Turntable and Digital Transport stand: Michael Green Clamp Racks

Digital Transport: Camelot with Foundation Research LC 1

Digital Processor: Benchmark

CD Player: Combak Reimyo

DSP Unit: Camelot Dragon with homemade Lowe's 6 awg power cord

Turntable: Clearaudio Champion Level 2 with FR LC1 Power Cord

Cartridge: Red Rose Rose Petal

Tonearm: Rega 300 (modified by Clearaudio)

Phono Stage: Emmaline XR-10B

Interconnects: RWA & Aural

Preamp: Emmaline II Stealth

Power Amp: NU Force Reference 8

Speaker cables: Lowe's 6 awg

Loudspeakers: VMPS RM 40 (latest version)

Subwoofer: M & K

AC Line Conditioning: Audience

DVD Video: Camelot Round Table

Phase Correction: none

Accessories: Lloyd Walker Valid Point system, Argent RoomLens & Right Way Cable Suspenders, Tritium #15 line Triphaser on amps

Where do you find connectors (bananas/spades) for Lowe's 6AWG wire? All the usual places (AQ,Ram's, G&W, etc) only accomodate 8 AWG wire.
Where do you find connectors (bananas/spades)
Try a car audio accessories dealer - these devices get power from 12 Volts....so they need very high current capacity power cables with low resistance... 4 AWG wires for example. Good Luck.
I tried 10/4 SOW (cabtire) that I had laying around. Didn't like it. I'll take silver and teflon at half the gauge anyday.
Theres a good audio parts place out of canada that I found some good cheap ends.

This cable is amazing!! I will compare to the bigtime costly stuff. It really bettered my signal double run by quite a bit.
Freemand/eddykale@aol.com, Can you give me the name of the supplier of the 6 AWG bananas/spades please, as I cant find any? Thanks a lot.
Springbok, I did some research and the place I bought them is Take five audio out of canada.

The spades you want are the vampire rg 6 which crimps onto 6 gauge wire. Buy some shrink tubbing too. These are really cheap price compared to what else is out there and they are good.
Thanks, Freemand. I found some copper lugs at a hardware store, which involved cutting them into spades, tough crimping, but they work. They sound pretty good, but, like Xiekitchen, I have gone to Cardas (Golden Reference). Like all insane audio ratios, 20X more expensive and maybe 25% better............in smoothness, refinement and maybe a little definition..... oh, well. But for $50 for 4 X 14 foot runs of 6AWG cable, quite a bargain. Better than the $300-$400 silver-copper hybrids for my HF when bi-amped.
Springbok, thats good to hear. I would say give them at least 200 hours of break in and make sure you have them twisted every 8 to 10 inches.

I have not tried anything else yet cause I know at this price they are sweet.
I am using it in my Virtual Dynamics Genesis cables and there is no harshness anywhere to be found.Cheers ennis
Dennis, what are you using in you genesis cables?
Hi Freemand
Virtual dynamics uses solid core copper wire that gets extensive vibrational treatment.All cables need to be treated for bad vibes.Take care Dennis
Use pure copper and no terminations size 8