Has anyone upgraded their Ayre AX-7 to

This integrated amp sounds great already. Is the upgrade significant? Does anyone know what the upgrade consists of. The Ayre web page does not discuss the new series. Is upgrading the standard factory power cord supplied with the AX-7 significant? If so does anyone have any reasonable cost suggestions? Are there any other tweaks to this integrated amp that make it sound even better? Myrtle blocks, etc. Thanks in advance.
My AX-7 is one of the very first units built. Last year, I had it upgraded to the "H" series production which includes the daughter board upgrade. So, I can't speak for the Evolution upgrade, but I can tell you that the H upgrade was quite audible, and I highly recommend it. As you point out, the AX-7 already sounds great. You could probably continue to enjoy it as is, blissfully ignorant of the upgrade potential. But now, you know that you could have even greater performance . . .

Regarding power cords, I upgraded the factory cord to Cardas Golden. It did make a small difference but I'm not sure it was worth the money (especially compared to the cheaper and more audible difference for the AX-7 upgrade). In my experience, upgrading the interconnect to my CDP made a much greater difference. I went from an RCA Radio Shack cable to the Ayre/Cardas XLS. WOW!

Happy listening.
Thanks for your input vquest@aol.com.