Has anyone upgraded the caps on their MHDT Orchid?

Just got the orchid and love it but was wondering if anyone has upgraded the caps to better ones and if so which ones and size would you recommend- Also has anyone tried upgrading the fuse- Just want the best sound out of this unit- thanks
Replace the key resistors for as big a sonic upgrade.... if not bigger! Use a mix of Audio Note Tantalum non-magnetic and Vishay TX2575 ZFoil resistors for best sound. Huge jump in sound quality.

These resistors:

R38, R52, R36, R54 -- designed value 100R 1W

1WR34, R58 -- designed value 400K 1W

R37, R53 -- designed value 4K7, 1W

These resistors are around tube and used for the signal/power of the tube. 1W is over designed, 1/4W is OK. I used .6W Vishay ZFoils and 1W Audio Notes. Big improvement sonically!

The output cap is a larger 2uf value so fitting some nice copper foils is hard to impossible unless you go with a 1uf value. I used a special made set of Jupiter 2.2uf copper foils caps flat stacked style which are no longer offered by Jupiter. You could possibly fit some 1uf Miflex copper foils which are very good. Vcaps (2uf) msy also fit. I had to move my Jupiter copper foils to the back of the unit to get them to fit.

Both upgrades really elevated my unit. I also have the upgraded WE tube and a nice Furutech fuse. Great sounding dac!

@grannyring whats an upgraded WE tube?Are the numbers for the resistors printed on the PCB?
The mix of resistors manufactures was it because you was unable to get the values you needed from the same manufacture?
I upgraded to a Western Electric 396A 2C51 D Getter JW military tube. Big difference over the stock GE tube.