Has anyone upgraded Audioquest DBS from 36v to 72v

If anyone has upgraded Audioquest DBS from 36v to 72v, same cable just different voltage, I would like to know what change they heard.
I use Audioquest for all interconnect (Sky) and speaker cables (Everest & Kilimanjaro). If I told you that I heard a difference, I would also have to tell you that I saw a cow jumping over the moon... if this isn't one of the greatest marketing tricks ever, then I don't know what is....
AV guy what the hell, if you own all Audioquest then you believe in and enjoy what the cables, are doing, I have owned most of the dbs cables and as you step up the line the cables are clearly better sounding as they go up. So if you own the cables then what is with your comment on this is a marketing trick?

I have compared the DBS cables to high end Cardas and the AQ cables blew them away!

The non dbs cables do not sound anywhere as good as the dbs equipped cables.
In a system prior to my current one I ran all Audioquest Sky I/C's and Volcano double bi-wire S/C's. The Sky's had 72dbs stock, I tried increasing to 144dbs but the sound was not to my liking. I also tried 36dbs and then 48dbs but felt the 72dbns had the proper amount of "air" for me. The Volcano's also had 72dbs, I increased each bi-wire to 144dbs and liked this configuration better.
If you're wanting a more open airy sound try 72dbs.
Yes, changed Jaguar interconnect battery pack from 36V to 72V, but didn't hear any obvious difference.
I use Cheetah, Sky and Leopard for Tonearm. I made some comparisons with 36V, then 72V and 144V DBS. The difference is in the silence of the Background. Difficult to explain, not the usual "I hear more Bass, better Highs"....and so on. Simply super clean from Details. I guess, these DBS also work as a kind of shielding.