Has Anyone Uesed A PrimaLuna Amp With Harbeth Speaker's

Hi guys, I will be on the market soon for a new amp and I keep looking at the Primaluna Amps, has anyone heard the Primaluna Dialogue Premium amp driving a pair of Harbeth's 30.1 speakers? these are 87d/b and I am not sure how this will work out?
We get it !!!  You do not like Kevin Deal and that is OK...time to give it a break and move on. 
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You might want to read Herb Reichert's review of the Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition in the current issue of Stereophile. 
I've heard all three and the PrimaLuna on Focal expensive speakers several years ago and it sounded very nice. Unlike the MC275 which I've heard many times and am totally unimpressed (flat soundstage, tonally thin for a tube amp and bland/no dynamics).  My friend has a pair of ARC75s but our mutual friend prefers the ARC Classic 60, which sounds more like a PrimaLuna amp.  VAC is an upgraded version (and the original autobias feature) of a PrimaLuna.  One can purchase 3 to 4 pairs of PrimaLuna monoblocks for the price of one VAC200IQ.  I strongly do not recommend the MC275 in any version.  The best sounding Macs are the 240, 225 and 30. Plus, they probably would drive the Harbeth nicely with their current supply.  The 30 sounds like 60 watts and has great transformers..   
I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kevin, upscale audio and have experienced only good clean sounds from my PL system. My dealer has only extolled virtue. Great amp knowledgeable gentleman.