has anyone tryed Ginko Cloud

after the good review they got in Stereophile im curius
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Member Slipknopt1 has this product in his room that you can check in virtual systems, done by Rives audio. Maybe he can elaborate.
I am curious as well. For the price I almost bought one just to try it. That was before the recent test in Stereophile, favorable measurements have regained my interest. But have yet to pull the trigger for some reason.

Sure a turntable (for me a VPI Scout) can benefit from isolation but I typically listen at moderate levels (little air-born excitement) and my stand is very stable and sits on top of a concrete floor (very little structure-born excitement). And I rarely listening while someone is tapping their finger on my stand or turntable. That pretty much leaves handling excitement within the table/motor itself and some isolation from air-born excitement.

Anyways, my thoughts. Sure would like to hear from others on this one.
I use them in conjunction with another vibration damping/isolation product, the K-Works IsobaseKs (a product involving innertubes, silicone damping, and sand and lead damping), under my Forsell transport, modded Sony SCD 777ES and Lamm amplifiers. They certainly look great, and work very well by themselves, resulting in a blacker background and better retrieval of low-level detail from the source they're on, but in my trial and error testing I found that they also damped the sound slightly more than I wanted, a function I believe I'd attribute in large part to the acryllic platform (based on my experiments using the IsobaseK on top of and below the upper portion of the platform). I preferred the IsobaseK by itself to the Cloud 10 by itself, feeling they both did an excellent job but that the IsobaseK permitted a little "air" or spaciousness to get through as opposed to the Cloud 10. But when I used them together (IsobaseK on top of the Cloud 10 platform, not under the top platform in place of the balls), the results were better than just using one of these devices, so that's what I wound up doing. You should consider a Cloud 11 as well as the Cloud 10, as the top platform of the Cloud 11 is a little more stable than the Cloud 10's due to deeper cups to hold the supporting balls, a factor to consider if you want to slide around a heavy component on top of the platform to center it. Not a problem once set in place, but a nuisance in set-up and when I move equipment.
Where can I find info about K Works?
I actually use a Machina Dynamica Promethian Base under my turntable. The "clouds" you refer to in my virtual system post are the Ceiling Cloud by Quest Acoustical Interiors. Panels designed to provide absorbtion and diffusion. The Gingko Cloud is a different animal altogether, designed as an isolation device for source components.
Thanks for correcting my mistake.....Cloudy me!! or shall I say me "Obscured by clouds"
Very "pink" reference ;)
Well I finally installed a Cloud 10, I got it for Christmas. Its been in place under my VPI Scout for the past few days. I have noticed an increase in clarity and everything now seems a little more in focus. Maybe a side effect of the above but I have noticed I've been listening at increased volume levels lately too.