Has anyone tried vibrapods with the Sony XA777ES

My surround system is complete! I wasn't going to do anymore tweaking, but for $6 a piece, I'll give it a try. It's a 45 pound unit. Anyone come up with a good configuration of pods both with regards to placement and mix of tensile strengths?
Several years ago I had vibrapods underneath my Sony SCD-1 (57 lbs.) and other components but of no positive affect.

Since that time I switched from isolation/dampening/decoupling to coupling and incorporated Star Sound's Audio Points under all components, my custom rack, and speakers. Some of the best sonic upgrades I've ever experienced.

Only problem is that if you really want to hear more than a marginal improvement, you need to put the Audio Points everywhere and you must provide a minimum of 7 days for a mechanical break-in period. Yes, it's true about the mechanical break-in period. And after the 7 or 8 day break-in, the improvements are nothing short of astonishing and even more surprising.

Get a samll bike innertube 12-14 inches and try it under your Sony CDP to see if you like the way it sounds. If you hear an improvement that you like, email me and I will tell you how to build a base with the innertube that will improve the sound even more.

Happy Listening.
An effective vibration control program should address three basics areas. First, you should mass load (add weight) to the Sony to lower it's resonance frequency point, and defend against air born forces. It's harder to move a 40 pound object, than a 20 pound object. Bass notes can generate quite a bit of energy. Have you ever sat in someones home theater and had your pant's leg flutter around, when the sub went off. Second, you need to provide a drain for vibrations generated by the equipment's normal operation. Third, you need to somehow decouple the whole assembly to combat floor born vibes.

This is not an easy task, and no one product will do it all.


I too have had less than favorable results with Vibrapods.

Sorbathan prouducts can be tricky to set up. The catch is their resonate frequency point when loaded.

They will work wonderfully in decoupling up to their resonance frequency point, but below this point they actually lock up, and couple, which could send the vibrations back in the wrong direction.

Vibrapods must be loaded to their midpoint in order to gain the best results. This is what Vibrapod says, and I know they did their homework. So a 20 pound CD player will require four 10 pound (each) footers for a total capacity of 40 pounds.

In my system I had them under everything, amp, SSp, DVD and power conditioner. I also placed them between the upper and lower cabinets of my Von Schweikert VR4.5's. Bottom line (in my system) I felt they added too much bloat to the bottom and removed the slam, or viscerial impact.

YMMV If you try the Vibrapods, just remember to load them to their midpoint for best results.

Good Luck, Dave
Inflate it slightly too? Set the feet on it?
You could try racket balls sitting in the vibrapods. The balls must contact the units underside and be properly loaded by the top weight. They are cheap and give you an idea of what direction you're going. The bike inner tube works too but check out Dave's advice above. Have fun.
Bigkidz Hi.
I did just that,myself.Wooden case on silicone bumpers ,partially filled with lead shots,and a horizontal devider that holds the 14 inch bike innertube.The whole thingy is supporting a shelf wich holds my transport.
Having had the Pods for years and years - and this is addressed by the manufacturer - is that they tend to flatten over time, and must be refreshed by baking in a warm oven.

This experience has settled in my brain by the opinion that each day that passes, they ain't quite what they were yesterday. I'm not into PM on vibration isolating devices; time is short and precious enough as it is. Now using shelves/platforms.
Hi Davehrab,

I just want to make a point of clarification - Vibrapods are made of Neoprene, not Sorbothane.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.