Has anyone tried using two Sonic Impact amps?

One to drive each speaker.


I was going to try doing this, but not in a conventional manner. That is, i was going to actively crossover and bi-amp some small speakers that i was intending to build for my computer. All of the electronics would have been built into the speakers, making them active computer monitors. After looking at all of the other projects i have going on though, this will have to wait until later to play with.

As a side note, one should look at the actual performance of this amp in stock form if thinking about using Sonic Impact's as their main amp or amps. The bass response is quite rolled off, giving the amp a "fast & lean" presentation. One can see the specifics in terms of frequency response, transient response and power output at Michael Mardis Sonic Impact website. Michael also lists quite a few upgrades that one can do to this amp in order to improve the performance to well beyond what it achieves in stock form. Sean