Has anyone tried upsampling a CD to 96k/24 bit?

I'm seeing some software around (Adobe Audition comes to mind) that allows you to take an existing 44.1k/16 bit wave file and upsample to 96k/24 bit or 192k/24 bit and then burn it to a DVD, thereby allowing you to play it in a DVD player as DVD+Audio (NOT the same as DVD-Audio, which requires a dedicated DVD-Audio player).

Is this the same as HDAD?

Does it sound better than the original? Is it worth the effort?

I'm gonna try it soon, but was wondering if anyone else has already gone down this path....


Let's put it this way. You can upsample the CD, on the fly, by using any one of the various upsampling players or DACs on the market.

If you rip it, upsample it and burn it to DVD+A, do you get anything different or have you simply gone through more steps to achieve the equivalent?

Will it sound better? Mebbe. Mebbe not. Depends on too many variables to say.
I agree with Kal here. You're certainly not going to gain any new information from the upsampling process; at most you're adding noise (mind you, I do like upsampling's effect, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm getting more information from the disc). This is certainly not an HDAD, which starts (at least at this point from Classic Records, from what I've seen in the ads) with an analog master tape, not a 16-bit/44khz limited copy, and so allows for more information from the master tape to be encoded digitally than you'd get on a standard CD. So why bother if you can get the same result from an upsampling CD player without all the extra noise-generating circuitry that comes with a DVD player (unless you only have space on your rack for one player and want to watch movies with it too)?