Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?

   Considering the many, many brands of power cords I've tried in my very well accomplished high-end system, I have never been so impacted by these Core Power Technology power cords. Within a very short period(15-20) minutes my system literally came alive. Soundstage opened wider and deeper. The background became dead silent, space between instruments and stage members were more focused and everything sounded cleaner and musical than ever. My highs had a glorious crispness and symbols shimmered. Midrange through my 2" horn became more dynamic and punchy. My 15" bass driver tightened and dug low with great control. My Rel G1 which is a fabulous sub on its own but with a CPT 150 on it is another story. Running high pass from my sub to my Audiozen Noah amplifier, music depth is just stunning. Lower end bass is authoritative and clean with solid grip and impact. 
   My experience with these power cords is truly magical. The scary part of the above is I only have one 150 on my sub and one 300 from my wall to my 6 outlet bar. I still need 3 more to complete my system. I could just imagine the level after that...In closing, I cannot emphasize enough to try one of these in your system. I CANNOT and WIIL NOT take these out as they are that good. But hold your jaw, cuz what you've been listening to will just become real after Core Power Technologies. 

Cheers....and let the tapping begin.......

Wow. After all that these poor people have been through, now he has the nerve to threaten you!
  Hi to all,

  Might I make a suggest to all POWER CORD enthusiasts?

  First of all, rip out all the internal wiring in your home, probably 12-2 or smaller Romex and replace  it all with 10-2 fused at 20 amps and then replace all your outlets with  good quality hospital grade outlets. Don't forget about your service panel as it probably needs to go also. There are good medical / commercial grade panels out there for  the price of a nice used car.

  After you spend the money to do all this you can forget about high dollar power cords as you  will now be divorced or looking for a second mortgage. 

     Putting an expensive power cord on ANYTHING that will derive AC power from a typically wired home is no different than putting lipstick on a pig and calling it beautiful.

  Cheers, Ken Fritz


So is there a workable, sound enhancing, Deep Core unit? 
Or is it still in the development stage?

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