Has anyone tried the Wiremold L10320 power strip?

Well, I finally purchased one to see if the "$56 gets you $1000 improvement" had any merit. I can't qualify the improvement in my system as worth $1000, but this tweak has most definitely enhanced my listening experience by a significant margin. Here's what has impressed me most: 1) increased amount of air around instruments; 2) I can hear the character of the recording venue more clearly; 3) every sound emanating from my speakers seems truer and more natural. This is a no-brainer tweak (I purchased mine from Allied Electronics for $31 + S&H / tax). Very highly recommended.
I have to concur, it's a great powerstrip. I used to have a Chang 3200 which I liked very much, but I like the Wiremold every bit as much if not more. Really an impressive device for relatively little money. However I am toying with the idea of running it off a Hydra 2 to see if there's any additional improvement.
I am really interested in this piece, but cannot find it on either the Allied or Wiremold sites, can you give me guidance?
Here's the link:

Thanks so much; I greatly appreciate it.