Has anyone tried the Synergistic A/C Master Active

What were your impressions? Will be using it on the power amp.
Very good cable - use it then disconnect the sheilding to see just how effective it is - very noticeable.Worked as well as anything else on mu Nu Vista integrated and does very well on the current owners Krell.
Excellent P/C. Heavy and stiff. Hard to move around in tight spaces. I enjoyed mine.
Thanks, how would you describe the bass? Fat, lean, taut, loose, etc?
Since I don't remember it being any particular "way", I'd have to say natural. It didn't stand out, no extra, noting missing.
Sounded compressed, dead and poor imaging compared to my 14 Gauge computer grade power cord.
Much worst than my DYI CVH 12 Gauge power cord.
The "active" mode made it sound thin but quieter. However, it sounded very un-natural.
I found a use for that cord. Mine is the X2 Master Coupler version. Use it to drive a hard wired multi outlet power strip I made with IEC inlet, when I need the extra drive. Sometime that powers the MPC that are dual mono configured on my Syn Res Resolution Ref speaker cables X2. Otherwise, the cord is as chang descibes. I defy anyone to build a better speaker cable than Res Ref X2. I build ALL my own cabling, but that speaker wire is something special. I shouldn't be so harsh on the powercord cause it really has the thermonic thing going on. And if you are all SS, could just be the ticket.