Has anyone tried the Speaker Match Plus ?

I just received the Speaker Match and the Speaker Match plus for Demo.

After just a few minutes, the Speaker Match Plus seems to be quite impressive. The music is quite a bit louder at the same preamp position and the images seem to be more clearly defined. But, this is after only a few minutes of playing time. I'll continue to review them more this weekend.

I'm also going to experiment with the regular Speaker Match with my Home theater speakers.

So, just wondering if anyone else has tried these units?
I've tried the Speaker Match and it did nothing more to my system than the old Dakioms I use. It was so close as to be a draw. And I've been taking the Dakioms in and out to see if I really need them anymore since I've changed my cabling back to Mapleshades. I just may keep them out.

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Nonoise,Thanks for the reply , the regular Speaker Match to me is not so much as an improvement as it is a change.

But, the Speaker Match Plus seemed to be a BIG change, at least during the few moments I listened with them.
What does speaker match do?
If I remember correctly from what I was told, it helps to block out RFI and the like. I was also told that it works about half the time depending on your speaker. It seems if your speakers run a Zobel type crossover, it won't have much affect at all, if any.

Someone who knows more needs to chime in because as usual, I may be all wet on the matter.

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This is from the Cable Company site.

"SteinMusic Speaker Matches reduce RF/EMI distortion."

"The Plus Version of Speaker Match uses additional techniques based on quantum physics. Also the housing is made out of American walnut which results in a better resonance control for better sound."
I presume they probably do about the same thing as Walker's High Definition Links (HDL) my favorite tweak and a substantial improvement.

noise is reduced leaving the pure tone of the instruments

I always wondered why more people did not talk about them

the improvement is at least as good as an upgrade to a power cord (for instance)
Philjolet, I owned the Walker HD Links. They were pretty good but they seemed to mellow the sound.
The Speaker Match Plus has a more natural dynamic influence. If you like the Walker you should try them out for yourself, I think you would be impressed.
Well it looks like I'm gonna keep the Speaker Match Plus. In addition to a louder and more dynamic sound, I feel the bass has a purer tone.
thanks Ozzy

I sensed a bit of what you mention about the HDLs, it is hard to tell what has changed, but the sound seems more pure to me at least.

The Speaker Match Plus is very interesting and I hope I will have a chance to hear them sometime.

best Phil