has anyone tried the quantum symphony co

I would like to know if anyone has tried them alone or with a richard gray line conditioner they say these things work
I have not heard the RGPC unit as yet, but I do have the Quantum Symphony Pro device. IT WORKS. I still can't believe how good this little thing is. I resisted even trying it in my home for 2 months because I just didn't believe that it would do anything real (there is a lot of hocus pocus in the world of hi end audio), boy was I ever wrong, I am actually in the process of purchasing 2 of the units. Two units sound better than one. It is now difficult for me to listen without it. My system is composed of the Sony SCD-1, Sim Audio Moon P5, Kora 100SB Triode amps and Rush Sound Monument II speakers. The system is extremely revealing, and these devices are definately worth the money. Wait about 1 hour before you really start doing serious listening and then listen at low levels, you will probably here the details easier. Best regards, Mike
mike are the pro the more expensive one's that retail for $600.00 and what other benefits besides the detail is it more 3d
You are correct about the pro being the $600.00 unit. I would say you are also correct concerning the 3 d imaging it enforces. It is hard to describe, but you don't know the grunge is there until you have used the Symphony and then removed it. The voices (Diana Krall and Jacintha for instance) take in a more corporeal existence. The voices become more round, but not bulbous. It really is worth audiotioning. It did much more for my system than the $2,300.00 Marigo power filter I tried.
mikeam did you ever get the second quantum pro and if so what difference did it make
I am sorry about the delay in repsonding to you. Sometimes I get caught up with work (software developer) and I don't check the forum out that often. I have not as of yet purchased the second unit but will probably do so in the next month. regards, Mike