Has anyone tried the Oppomod clocks?

Sound enhanced?
Of course. Its in mine. Did I compare just the clock mod? No, mine is heavily modded. Compared to stock, there is no comparison. But I've got enough experience with mods to say with confidence oh yeah, you will get a nice improvement even doing just this one mod.

Would you like to talk about the other mods?
@millercarbon  What mods do you have and what Oppo model?
Forget the model, not at home now to check. Its extensive though, everything from the power supply to the RCA outs including most of the caps in between. Did it all in one fell swoop because I had learned from modding other stuff that everything matters and knew enough to be sure it would all work.

If I were on a budget and had to pick a place to start it would be the power supply. Not that I don't think the clock will make a nice improvement but, power supply, hard to beat.
I don't see that Oppomod mods the RCA outs?
Yeah this was years ago, same only different as they say.