Has anyone Tried the new PAD Musaeus Praesto revis

Just order a pair,using the old Elmenta REV A ic right now Using cambridge amp and cd player. so i hope i will be making a sound improvement. The new Praesto revision Musaeus,will be burned in for me from the factory. Any information on these interconnects would be helpful.Thankss
I'm diggin' the speaker cables! Burned mine by-wired in in 24 time slots. Big garden hose cables...
funny I just purchased the same combo, museaus speaker and Elementa advance IC...I believe the combo work really well. You get what both the ferox and fluid can do. They do different things so IMOP its better than going all ferox or all fluid. The IC gets better over time and detail is fantastic for the price. I am saving up to go to praesto venustas in the speaker....The EA IC is a keeper!!!! Has anyone heard the venustas Praesto?
I had been using a well-regarded Ag IC for my system, but had noise issues due to the very small effective AWG and my IC lengths - 3m line stage to monoblocks.

I gave PAD Musaeus Praesto Rev a try between my (1) line stage and monoblocks and (2) line stage and sub woofer amp/crossover units (I have two subs with two amp/crossover units).

Very pleased. All the advantages of the previous ICs, plus:

* little less "glare" in the highs
* bit better bass extension
* mid-range unchanged - awesome
* sound stage unchanged - fine
* a more mid-hall seat, rather than first five rows
* silence

I contacted this well-regarded, no pressure dealer, Albert Porter re: phono stage to line stage IC and bit the bullet for Venustas Praesto revision - very worthwhile.

The Venustus Praesto added to the above:

* blacker background
* richer mids
* details not for details sake, but to give an awesome sense of soundstage and venue

After I got back with Albert re: my happiness with the Venustas, he told me that the Venustas is his "entry point" for PAD. This IC really begins to let you experience what PAD can do. Of course he never told me this prior to purchase - he is low key.

Long and short, I plan to sell my two Musaeus ICs and replace with Venustas and not look back. I have joined the PAD fanatics that lurk around these parts.
My follow up after receiving cables,did make a difference. The sound was more detailed in overall responce and a little smoother background from my speakers.
does anyone know if venustas speaker needs a lot of current? its an 8 gauge cable. please advise on minimum power requirements.