Has anyone tried the new JPS Superconductor 3 ?

Has anyone tried the new JPS Super Conductor 3 interconnect? I am getting to try one out later this week maybe around Thursday. I am comparing it to a Cardas Golden Reference interconnect which I also have on loan.
I'm curious to see which one sounds better. I imagine they sound quite different. Has anyone hear listened to either of these cables? What was your impressions?
Guess no one has tried the JPS Superconductor 3 yet. Well I'll have to post the difference between that interconnect & the Cardas Golden Reference after I do the comparison.
Finally, someone else who wants to know about them! I'm suprised no one else is asking about them. I will be purchasing the interconnects next month and the speaker cables hopefully this summer. In the meantime, I will be making a trip my jps dealer (Audible Arts) to take a listen. Jeff (the owner) says that they are better than the super conductor 2's in so far as, they have more depth in the soundstage. They are also flexible compared to the 2's. Like everything else, I need to hear them for myself before I purchase them. I'm looking forward to your review.

Anybody care to post their impression of this cable. I installed the interconnect between pre and amp. Very smooth with great extension at both ends of the spectrum. Soundstage like crazy, both wide and deep with my Nuforce MCH3 SE driving a pair of Usher Be 718 standmounts. In addition,its very dynamic and organic sounding.

Just curious if others share the above observation.

Kenk 168,

I recently put in one pair of the 3 IC's to replace another cable. Shockingly good stuff! I agree with your comments ..Superb balance and dynamics..Vocals are real sounding and focus is excellent..A BIG upgrade from what I was using and with just ONE pair in the chain!!....I am slowly starting to go with all SC-3's and have put in the Suerconductor Plus Speaker cables..Both take my system up a few notches on every level.