Has anyone tried the new Apple Air Pods?

The only thing I’ve heard is about the noise canceling being good. What about the sound??


Hi JD -

I've been using the Apple Air Pods for a year now and they do the trick for me. They're easy to sync w/ your iPhone, can run 2-4 hours, and are relatively comfortable.

Few downsides though:

- Low noise compared to other wireless earbuds
- Carrying case is hard to clean
- Fairly expensive

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Sony sounds a bit better
Volume is a bit of an issue imho, I max out the volume from my ipad with them and still want more at times.
Also battery life is a little low 5 to 6 hours max.
Just my thoughts.
Thanks Guys,

 I think I’ll wait a bit before I buy.


Go try them at an Apple store .
or you can maybe order from Amazon , then you have a 40 day return policy.
i have watched many YT videos .  I think these are a huge step up from the the first generation that I own . 
Id say buy em!