has anyone tried the jungson ja88d or similar

with jmlab speakers
No but I think it would match really well with it,I use the ja88d with Northcreek speakers using highend scanspeak drivers and sounds fantastic.
It would suit speakers that are more transparent and brighter sounding like the jmlabs though, trust me you wont be dissapointed with the Jungson.
i am using a used ja88d : $1000cad with the jmlab electra 926 right now
the ic from my marantz cd player to the ja88d is the mit avt1 i have tried the vdh integration hybrid but it seens that the avt1 is better
the jmlab is very revealing but not really bright
thanks norman canada
I have Orca designed TMM cabinets with the Focal Audiom TLR tweeter and a pair of Focal 7" W-cone mids (ported). The sound is very even and detailed. The mid-range is beautifully defined: strings and brass are rich and full, piano has the distinct harmonic resonance of the strings, and voices sound natural. They music sounds like instruments being played. Bass is nicely pronounced and easy to track start and stop. The high end is very smooth and clear given the limitations of my cartridge. Overall, I pay no attention to the equipment. However, my sole focus is on the music and the musicians.