Has anyone tried the Jolida JD-700 dvd player?

I'm a big fan of consolidation/simplicity. would love to play CDs and DVDs on same unit. I currently own jolida jd-100 cd. wondering if redbook on the JD-700 is as sweet as jd-100. Opinions?
I sure hope that there are some responses to this question. I'm considering a listen to the JD100 but had the same thought about the 700 killing two birds with one stone.
I can't find any info. on the DAC & transport etc. on the JD-700. I hope it's the same too!

Contact a dealer or Jolida and ask I guess..
I have auditioned it a number of times. It is made in China aand uses a very stable Chinese DVD drive. It uses tubes in the L&R analogue outputs and SS for the other channels. It has built in processing for movies and DVD audio, but no SACD. It is great for the few multichannel preamps that have no processing. Like my Audio Refinement, or the McCormack or the MacIntosh, among others.

The picture quality is superb, rich, and film like. It tracks all disc excellently. The cd performance is very good, but not nearly as good as their own CDP.

The main drawback is its quality, like their other products. The plug in processing chips for each channel loosen up and need to be reseated periodically. Even at shipping the unit will have problems until you push them down to make good contact.

But the main pain is the cheap, small, wafer thin remote (similar the the Bose radio one). I would buy the unit if it wasn't such a pain to hold the remote and access the buttons on it.