Has anyone tried the DeHavilland GM70 monoblocks

To be more specific has anyone tried the De Havilland GM70's with the Sound Lab M-1 Electrostats?
Sea,I have the Gm70's,I am running through alon lotus sign.which are 90db efficient,I don't know the efficiency of the M1,but I can tell you these amps sound wonderful with my speakers..good luck...Sully
Hi Seadogs1,

I just got off the phone with George Kielczynski of deHavilland and he told me that he's heard the GM70 on the SoundLab M-1s twice now. I think one of his customers has M-1s. He said that it works very well at "normal" volume levels. I told him that you might be calling him. His and Kara's contact information is below:


While I was on the phone with him I placed an initial order, so I'm now a deHavilland dealer. I've recommended their amps often enough that it's time I pulled the trigger myself.

Best of luck to you,