Has anyone tried the Black Diamond record clamp?

I recently purchased a Black Diamond record clamp as a replacement for the stock clamp on my VPI Scout Turntable. It is amazing.The improvement is extraordinary and a huge upgrade. Lower noise floor, bigger soundstage and better image focus. I bought it on e-bay for a great price and I recommend it highly. Although I have several sets of BDR cones and like what they do, I did not expect such fantastic results. Has anyone else heard what these clamps can do?
I also had one on my Aries extemded. Sold it with the table. However it was a great improvement over the stock clamp.
I have one for about 4 years and I agree with you.
Read on though!!. I tried Mapleshades ISOBLOCKS under my components and gave up on the BDR cones they make the sound hard. Recently I purchased the TERES record clamp made of steel top (like the VPI) but the rest of the body that contacts the record is made from cocobolo wood which is gorgeous looking. The sound is much more natural and transparent than the sound of the BDR but it's body and base thinned out somewhat, so I use it in 95% of the time except on the classical Columbia records that are very bright and base shy in which case I throw in the BDR clamp.
The cost of the TERES is $200 and it's worth it but
If you listen to mostly Rock I would not recommend it.