Has anyone tried Simaudio pre with Plinius amp?

I am on the hunt for a new solid state preamplifier to mate with my Plinius P8 and Dynaudio 2.8's. I love the combo!

I have tried the M8 in the past and didn't care for...a little dry for me. In the past, I had an Ayre k3x and enjoyed it quite a bit. The K1xe is damn attractive, but also a lot of do-re-mi. I am curious abou the Simaudio and Linar lines and wonder if anyone has mated a Simaudio preamp with a Plinius amp.

My Threshold fet two series II arrives shortly, but I know I will want to try a couple of other preamps before I settle in....

Thanks and enjoy the tunes!
You don't mention your budget, but I can recommend the Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes (Telefunken 12AX7's or Mullard CV4004's). Can be had for approx. $3,200 used.
Thanks, Pdreher. an excellent thought and suggestion. My budget is approximately 4k, but it has to be solid state.....I know trhe Calypso is an excellent and well matched piece of gear for my system, but alas and alack....
BUD...youngstown here....try the TOM EVANS VIBE or Placette Passve/Active..
Tom Evans looks exceptional...the walwart thingy is a little surprising on such a high end piece of gear and an almost 5k replacement power supply is another big surprise! although, to be fair and honest, i have spent outrageous amounts on wires alone.....