Has anyone tried Signal Cable?

I came across this site through one of the post on this page. They seem to have a full line of cables at a decent price. I have been considering Virtual Dynamics cables but I would be able to afford to do my entire system for 3 months. My main concern is power cables.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
I think if you do a search on this topic you will find archives with essentially the same title. Give it a try and see.
i just ordered a bunch of cable from signal for the same reason... all my cabling needed to be replaced after a new purchase and the price would have kept the house silent for a year.

although i haven't received the cables yet (i ordered yesterday) i can say that the owner is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and i got only very good vibes from him - he seems much more interested in the quality of his product than what he can make off it. ALSO, there are some new products he has that aren't listed on his site yet so you might want to ask him about that.

you can't beat the 30 day trial period either.
I have an old Sony tuner which I use on occasion. It still sounds great, given that the FM in my area is plentiful but the choices SUCK. Anyway, I was using a $400 cable with the tuner and decided to use it somewhere else, figuring it was overkill. Before paying anywhere near that much for a replacement, I tried the Signal Cable. I liked it better then the $400 model (which shall remain unnamed) in that position.
I have been using Signal speaker cables and interconnects for the past 6 months and I like their performance very much ... very neutral sounding with Musical Fidelity and NAD integrated amplifiers. I have never tried one of Frank's power cords, but at $60 or so, they seem like a good deal and Frank stands behind his products. The combination that I do use is a Cardas Twinlink Power Cord ($85; http://www.welbornelabs.com/powerconn.htm) with the Signal speaker cables & interconnects.
Yes they are awesome for the money, I too have had better experiences with Signal Analog 2 interconnect over some 500.00 a meter stuff, it is certainly not the best at any price, but very well worth the money. I very much prefered Signal power cord to the Virtual Dynamics Power 3.
What's their web address?
Meech33, You mentioned vd but couldn't do it for three months! IMO it's better to take your time and buy what sounds good to you even if it takes 6 months, rather than buying PC becuase there cheap and you can buy all them now! If your not going to change components for a while then the PC upgrade would be ok. Dedicated lines along with good wall outlets should be on the list and you may consider this before the PC upgrade!
Happy Listening!
I found Frank at Signal Cable to be very responsive, and his stuff is an outstanding value for the money. And that's the thing to remember, in my opinion, about Signal Cable products.

Outstanding value aside, I did not find the power cable or the interconnects to be the equal of items that cost "5 or 10 times as much", as some have claimed.

Great for the money? Absolutely. Giant Killers? Not in my system. But, you know how cables are.......
I ordered 3 of the PCs a few weeks back and put them in my system - finally rid myself of some stock cables. Wow! Probably the best "bang for the buck" I have spent so far. I had demoed some $200-ish PCs from a few of the big name companies, and these seem to be their equal to my ears.

The customer service was excellent as well. That's always a plus. Enjoy!
I've got 17' of Analog 2 connecting CD player to integrated amp. Solid performer, outstanding price.
I recently received my Signal Cables (signalcable.com). my entire system had to have all cables replaced, including 2 of the 5 power cords. i hooked everything up and...CRAP. absolute crap. it was so bad that i thought i connected my crossover wrong. instruments were smeared, piercing treble, way way too laid back on vocals.

after a near nervous breakdown i noticed after a few days of listening the system started coming to life. problems started to disappear. i was starting to get really happy. still today, about 100 hours later there are improvements.

recently i noticed on the invoice for the cables that Frank has written, (paraphrased) 'remember, cables require at least 50 hours break-in.' i only wish he had used larger font! i almost freaked out upon first listening. okay, i did freak out.

I haven't used this system with other cables so i can't compare but i'm happy with the sound, the quality of the work, Frank's insight and help, and extremely happy with the price. i'm keeping these.

Remember...wait for the break-in before pushing the panic button.
I recieved my Signal Cable II IC's last week and after tons of break in, found them to be excellent performers. I auditioned several "Big Name" cables in $200.00 range but in comparision, the Signal Cable IC's were simply better value. They stayed and the others left. A great buy for fifty bucks. Signal Cable IC's make you wonder how much you should really spend on IC's.