Has Anyone Tried RAM'S Rega Saturn Mod?

If so, please tell me what you think. Any feedback would help purchasing decision. Specifically, sell my Saturn and use funds towards purchase of $5-6K Exemplar Music Server/Dac or go with the RAM mod. I know these are somewhat different animals but I like playing CDs and would probably just use the Exemplar to play my collection-I put little stock in a server's convenience over gettin'and poppin' a CD, and much stock in how my CD collection sounds.(Also, the roughly $2K+ extra for the Exemplar is worth $2K+)
Could you please give us a little more information, like what exactly is it about the Saturn you dislike or want to enhance? Did you vet out how long RAM will warantee the entire REGA player since the original warantee will be voided?

If the choice was mine I would sell the Rega and put the money towards a used Exemplar 3910 and some good tubes (since the server is not set in stone) for it. Although I have not heard the modified Rega, I would avoid the RAM mods.
Can't help with info on the Saturn mod, but I can say I've had a few component modified by RAM and couldn't be happier with the work done.

If you haven't already done so, I'd highly advise you call Kyle at RAM (he's the one who would be doing the mod) and get his opinion.

Not only is he a nice guy, he's also a wealth of information and can thoroughly explain what you can expect from one of his mods.

His experience in modding so many different bands and units over quite a few years now, gives him a unique perspective into differences between different pieces of equipment.
Tom doesn't say why he'd avoid the RAM mods, but there are good reasons to think hard about doing it. I've had two RAM modded products, first and second generation modded PS Audio HCA-2 amps. Kyle is decent, ethical guy who has a real talent for extracting the best from a circuit if his work on my amps is indicative of his work as a whole. His mods to the amp take it so far beyond stock performance I'm still amazed after many months of owning it. That said, there's no doubt I'm going to take a major financial drubbing if I ever sell it. I've pretty much resigned myself to never selling it and just keeping it for a backup if and when I move up the audio foodchain. You'll never recoup anything but a small portion of your cost reselling an extensively modified component. Also, if and when a modded product develops a problem, the question of where responsibility lies is a hassle. The manufacturer washes their hands of any obligations once a product is modified.
Although I also haven't had any problems with any of my RAM mods and I haven't attempted selling any of them, I don't share your grim view of the whole RAM mod experience.

I've never bought audio equipment with resale value as part of the equation. I tend to keep most of my equipment a very long time.

I for one, would not be put off by purchasing used RAM modified gear. And as for price, most expensive audio gear, RAM modified of not is definitely not an investment.

Most all of it is going to go down in value quite a bit from what was originally paid.

And although I've yet to ever buy any used equipment that wasn't directly from a modder ie Antenna Performance Specialties, I would be equally concerned about it's condition whether it was RAM modified of not.

Also, I sure Kyle would definitely work with anyone who had a piece of equipment which he modded, that needed to be serviced.

Although I'm very satisfied with my current setup, if I come across any of that bargain basement priced used RAM modified equipment, it just may be time to upgrade.
GTLO, believe me, I don't have a grim view of modifiers products. I do have realistic one IMO. The comments about low resale value of modded equipment come from looking a Audiogon ads every day for years. If you buy a product used and have it modded, you are in a better place for resale. My views echo other owners of modified stuff who have posted on this subject here and at Audioasylum.

You are right, Kyle will work with you on repairs. Repairs are the reason I ended up with an amp modified twice. My first version (Doug Jesse did this one, not Kyle) mod started making weird noises and I had to send back to Kyle. After talking to him, I decided to go with the second upgrade because I really like the HCA-2 and there wasn't anything another additional $800 was going to buy me that offered as much of a potential upgrade. After getting the amp back, one channel went kaput within a week. Another cross country trip to California and three weeks later a cold solder joint Kyle said was a PS Audio defect was repaired. So you can see where my cautions about repair hassles are coming from.

All this said, if you are an owner who doesn't change equipment often and you've got a piece you really like and want to take to the next level, modifying it can be a great option.
Wasn't there alot of people having problems with Ram?

I live in Michigan , and I tried many times to listen to some of one of their modifications.
The lack of communications and excuses...
Well, lets just say, I never would have bought anything from them.
Ozzy, you might be thinking of the "issues" that occurred when RAM east (Doug Jesse) and RAM west (Kyle Takenaga) parted ways. There are numerous threads over at Audioasylum about this and the fallout. I don't want to fan the flames about something I know nothing about, so I'd leave it those who care to read what others said on that forum. It's no secret that Kyle no longer works with Mr. Jesse and has severed all business relationships with him. Kyle is personally making good on all warranty work related to RAM east problems.
The photo on the website of the Rega Saturn is mine. It is a mod, that for Rega Saturn owners, should be seriously considered. Kyle Takenaga is a consciences individual who does first class work. The Saturn is transformed into a serious piece of Digital hardware. I couldn't be more pleased with it's sound quality, it's range, extension and dynamic capability are turned up several notches to the point where it is in the elite of red-book playback! Recommended?? You Bet!!