has anyone tried ps audio power cords on subs

hello, just wondering if anyone has had any experience ps audio power cords on their subs.

is the ac 12 overkill for a sub?

also, any recommendations on cables purely for subs.

thanks all
The Pangea 9 gauge cord is great with regular amps to give better bass. My first Pangea went onto my Forte' 4a amp and I was suprised I could hear an increase in the bass content and quality just changing the cord.
The only seller is Audio Advisor online. They are still on sale and I bought over twenty Pangea power cords.
I cannot say they are better than more expensive cords. I CAN say they are a great deal and really good at the price they are at now.
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I have two of the ones Eric mentioned as well as two Statement ones and have used them on my REL Stadium subs with very good results
Yep I tried one on my Art of Sound sub. Nothing special. Save your money, the Shunyata Venom works better than anything I've tried with my sub.
yes. i tried the ac-3, ac-5 and ac-10 on my velodyne dd12. could not tell any difference so i went with the ac-3. could tell a difference upgrading from OEM but after that.....nothing.

i will note that my sub is used at a very low level. volume is set at 10 (on a scale of 99) and cut-off is 58. i could see a system using more sub to show a difference with different pc's.

STEALTH works great.