Has anyone tried new Auvio cables from Radio Shack

I just tried some Auvio interconnect cables from Radio Shack in my Dad's fairly modest apartment system and I am shocked at how well they work. They clearly hit well above their very modest price. Since I have not done a thorough comparison, I would not call them "Giant Killers" at this point, but I would suggest they at least compare favorably to other budget Hi Fi cables in the $50 to $200 range - quite a bargain at $25 for a 6 ft. pair for the Auvio's.

They look a lot like the Radio Shack "Fusion" cables I bought a few years ago, and perform equally with that high value product. I actually replaced some Audioquest Diamondback cables with a pair of Fusions recently in my primary system because I feel the RS cables are more balanced sounding to my ear right now.

I am wondering if anybody else has tried Auvio cables, and if so, what was your experience?
OK OK now you did it....boy did you open up a Pandora box with this tread.They do work very well but unfortunately they have the RS label and many will shun them.
Presumably the wire comes from the same factory in Taiwan or China which makes the "premium" or "reference" brand, right?
Btw, the perception problem they face isn't that all their products are lousy; rather, they will proudly sell lousy stuff.

Some of odds and ends are ok. I am thinking of banana jacks, and the like. They cater to a niche that doesn't a Bel Canto from a Bell pepper.
Shoot, man! Why do you have to spill the news?

Just kidding! I too have the cables. I found that in my TT rig, the cables works excellent! It seems that their "double shielding" works very well.

I have compared the cables, on phono duty only, to Groneberg Quattro and Groneberg TS Premium (sold by Odyssey Audio at Audio Circle) and found that it has better sound in the mid to high frequency range than the Gronebergs. Bass department is the same. I tried the cables on line level signals (cd, preamp to amp) and could not confirm any solid advantage/disadvantage from the Gronebergs. But, in the same system, my Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II sounds anemic to it.

Another cheap but excellent cables I prefer in phono application and line level duty is the Mogami 2534 if you do not mind to do a DIY.

My experience is base on my system performance only so YMMV. I am using 100dB speakers running full SET, so hum is the enemy.

Good stuff is where you find it.

I have Belkin PureAV Silver brand (as opposed to Blue) speaker cables in my analog 2-channel system. The current version uses OFC, but the previous version (like mine) used OCC (monocrystal copper) with multiple solid conductors of varying gauges--kind of like AudioQuest Varistrand PSC. Mechanically the packaging and connectors are on a par with PS Audio (which I use in another system). I got two pairs of these Belkins on closeout for $20 per 15-ft pair.
Got me interested. I passed a Radio Shack during lunch, purely by accident and got a pair for $20.00. I'll let them burn in and do a comparison against ELF Gold Helix, Virtual Dynamics, Audio Quest King Cobra and Quest's Black Mambas. So far, I've concluded that their packaging far exceeds other expensive cables I've purchased. I love those $300 cables in a zip lock bag

Will be very interested in your comparisons. This has really gotten me interested in finding other wiring deals. My guess is that there are a lot of cable designs that are being manufactured for and distributed by premium retailers that are also available to the public via other channels at steeply discounted prices, both legitimately and otherwise.

Monoprice has well constructed looking interconnects based on RG59u, 75 ohm coax cables with well made connectors for sale for around $2-3 a pair. Not sure if anybody has experience with these? For cable intensive home theater installations, this may be a good solution if your processor/receiver does not accept or decode the latest audio formats via HDMI.
I have some home brew I made with Belden 1694 RG6.The 1694F has a stranded center.1694A and 1694F I believe they both have copper braid.Aluminum foil too?It works fairly decent. RCA's on ends.
Fool me once,no but seriously. Just for speakers. a $12 1.6 supra sp. cable sounded almost identical to a pair of transp. mwsbw $2000:{.Also tried a pair of VDH hy-b only took about 10 seconds to know the supra was a great sounding cable. Chris at VH has some DIY projects.Are not some of those recipes the same as the more expensive cables.Next going to try the rca $150 against a $2200 cable.Try before you buy 30 days maybe 60.Good Luck
Just purchased a 25 Ft roll of their Auvio 15 AWG speaker cable. Added some spades and banana connectors along with shrink wrap and for $25 they sound as good as my DIY Kimber 4PR cable.

They're made very well to boot.
I have these Radio Shack Auvio wires in my system, cost $50 for 25 ft, and cut into 12 feet speaker cables. I believe they're 12 gauge conductors. I use Audioquest spade connectors with them on both ends. My system has a Benchmark DAC1 HDR, Audio Research VSi60 integrated tube amplifier, and Martin Logan Theos ES speakers. I did a back-to-back test with Audioquest's Rocket Series cables in the $900 range outfitted with banana connectors. I remember that they were 13 AWG size. What I found was that there was absolutely no difference I could discern. I spent the entire weekend listening off and on, probably a total of 10 hours of listening. I kept telling myself there had to be a difference. I must have changed out the cables about 10 or 20 times. As much as I wanted the Audioquests to sound better in one respect or another, I honestly could not tell them apart. A friend told me he compared a set of Audioquests (also in the $800 range) with Monster cables and he noticed a big difference. He even had some friends and neighbors come over to listen because he really didn't want to spend the money on the Audioquests. He was hoping it was all in his head, but everyone else thought the Audioquests sounded better and he ended up purchasing them. So, based on that, I was really expecting to hear a difference. I played classical, rock, Enya with bass heavy drums, and HD 96/24 music downloaded from HD Tracks online. This test didn't make me a firm disbeliever in high end cables one way or another. It could be that my system interacts particularly well with the Auvio brand, and there could be something out there that's much better. But, for now I'm pretty happy with the Auvio's.
Anyone else use these?  Considering getting some 6 foot ones for my amp>preamp connections.  And saving some money vs the 200+$ Groneberg 1.2m pair.  

Yes no????  Thoughts?  

Will a 6 foot RCA Auvio be poor compared to a shorter Groneberg Quattro ref at 1.2 m?