Has anyone tried Nakamichi Soundspace 3?

I need to buy a gift of a Bose-type clock radio/cd player and have identified the Kloss (Cambridge Soundworks) Model 88 CD (around $349) and the Nakamichi Soundspace 3 ($250-300) as my 2 best sub-$400 options. I've heard the Bose Wave and don't like its sound or price.

Has anyone listened to either the Nakamichi SS3 or the Kloss 88? I'd appreciate any feedback.
I have an 88 and it sounds pretty good. I haven't heard the Nak, but I've had a Nak mini-receiver with separate small speakers for years and it sounds great -- better than the 88, but it's a receiver with two speakers. Hifi.com is selling the 88 for $150. For a gift, at that price, you can't go wrong.
The Nak is respectable for what it is. Quite listenable, but not very dynamic. It's what it is.
It's a lot less expensive.
Kdl6769, I don't know where you are located but the Good guys in LA area has this Nakamichi Mini system ( CD playere and reciever with ech seperate power supplies)for sale at 299.0, which sounds pretty good compared to the sound space 3. But of couse this one takes little more space, but the Nak (STD book shelf speakers) goes pretty low (50 hz) and sounds very clean and dynamic. I bought it for my daughter but I decided to keep it for living room.
That runs around $349, though (refurbished for $229 from Hifi.com). Maybe you're better off just plugging a walkman into the basic 88 unit and saving $200.
I would do the 88 for $150 and added a JVC portable unit for $80. It will work out just fine. The JVC was selected because the lid opens to almost 90* and it has a cd release button.