Has anyone tried HD radio?

If so, how is it? Is there a "high end" model?
Do a discussion forum search on HD Radio. Lots there.
Oh, in response to your question on high end model, try Day Seguerra or Audio Design Associates.
HD radio is a farse. It is compressed to mp3 or lower levels. Just like HDTV they are splitting up the bandwidth to offer more programming=more money!

I've done alot of research on the subject and IBOC is in trouble. Stations across america have switched to their equipment but there's little hardware for it. Then you have the problem that most people were happy with the radio they were already getting and don't want to spend any money on another radio for their car or homes.

I've heard of a couple of stations offering decent fidelity. A quality NPR station broadcasting in analog but not compressing is still superior. We have proof here in Portland with KMHD, a jazz station, that the digital signal has been a waste of time. For those of us who enjoy and want high fidelity it we have decent antenna's and tuners. My quality here rivals most cd's. When a record is playing it sounds like the turntable is in my system. I certainly don't want to compromise with their digital broadcasts which are being broken down into multiple broadcasts.

In other words, HD radio is not HD. It could be but when you can broadcast four stations on the same bandwidth and increase your bottom line why would you want to offer one high quality station?

If they haven't already, Rotel is coming out with a "high end" all-in-one tuner (FM/HD/with a Sirius option). The model number is RT-1084. I don't know about the sound/reception quality of HD radio, but the additional FREE stations is a big plus. I live in Houston, where we have only one part time classical radio station. With HD, I can now listen to classical 24/7. There are a lot of other HD channels for me to select from. Boston Acoustics makes a tabletop HD clock/radio for $280. If the sound quality is 1/2 as good as my Magnum Dynalab Etude, I'll be very happy.

I am curious to find out how the sound quality of HD radio compares with XM or Sirius, which charge $12/month.
At this point I am leaning toward an attepmt to get quality music from streaming audio via the internet. Slim Devices has come out with high end DAC that can digitally access my computer's library and it can make streaming audio sound quite good.

I went to their open house ten days ago and I ordered one; but at present they have more orders than inventory. While I wait they gave me a slim box which has many ot the TRANSPORTERS functions, albeit with lesser quality components.

I think that the transporter's being able to access most any quality radio station in the world and quality access to my music library has me putting HD Radio on hold.